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June 16, 2023
Brenda Farrugia

BEAM (Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method) therapy is a holistic approach to healing and wellness that aims to identify and release emotional blockages in the body's energy system. Developed by Dr. J.K. Beattie, this modality draws on principles from various healing traditions, including Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and psychology, to help individuals achieve optimal emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of BEAM therapy and explore its potential for promoting holistic healing and emotional wellbeing. Our guest, an expert in this modality, shares her unique insights and experiences with BEAM therapy, providing practical tips and strategies for releasing emotional blockages and achieving greater emotional and physical health.

Brenda Farrugia

Brenda Farrugia

Brenda Farrugia has a natural talent for removing blocks, trauma, and harmful interference that hinder clients' progress in life. As an energy healer, Brenda's sessions help support emotional, physical, and mental healing, understanding that each client's journey is unique. Brenda's compassionate and non-judgmental approach creates a safe space for healing on various levels.

With over a decade of energy work and 25 years of corporate experience, Brenda can seamlessly bring energy work and valuable tips, promoting a safe and comfortable healing environment for individuals, groups, retreat settings, and corporate gatherings.

Brenda is trained in various modalities, and her sessions are customized to meet her client's needs. Whether you are new to energy work or experienced, Brenda would be honored to join you on your journey toward positive life changes.

Brenda's Resources

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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