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April 21, 2023
Dr. Heather Browne

Some listeners may be triggered by this content and listener discretion is advised.

Loss is an inevitable part of life. Some people experience loss as children, maybe losing a parent or sibling. Others may feel loss as they get older. Maybe they go through a tough break up, lose an important job, experience a divorce, or lose a loved one. At some point, we usually all know what loss feels like.

We don’t all grieve the same, so our experiences are as individual as we are. We can also get stuck in grief, depending on our situation. Today, we explore grief, loss, and healing through the experiences that can push us to our physical and emotional limits.

Dr. Heather Browne

Dr. Heather Browne

Dr. Heather has been a psychotherapist and a mother for 25 years. She loves both roles deeply. She is excellent at helping people change sticky thought processes and see the other side of challenging situations. Her specialties are couples communication and intimacy, grief and loss, spirituality and faith, and transforming lives into expressions of beauty and joy.

There is no stuck. We just see it that way. Changing our perspective changes our experience. She is incredibly grateful for her sharp mind, fast wit, and massive amount of energy and light. She is here to show you that you can lighten and enlighten your load. Or just dump it. She uses metaphor, storytelling, imagery, and humor in her work.

Dr. Heather has been published in Inc. Magazine, Insider Magazine, Toronto Sun, Psychology Today, Focus on the Family's "Thriving Family", Light + Life, and hundreds of journals and reviews. She was selected out of 1000s to be the Relationship Expert on DayBreak OC for a television season and has been interviewed several times on ABC7 news. She is currently creating an online communications course.

Her greatest desire is to support her clients in drawing closer to their true self, their inner wisdom, and their purpose. Our lives are an amazing adventure and blessing, given freely to us to explore and to share love, our uniqueness, and our stories. She is excited to encourage and empower you in sharing yours. Dr. Heather offers a weekly newsletter packed with tips and techniques to improve relationships and frequent workshops.

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