April 14, 2023
Kim Gross

This episode contains strong language. Listener discretion is advised.

We might not even be aware of it, but we all wear masks at some point in our lives. We usually do this to protect ourselves and we might get so used to it that the masks become part of who we show to others in certain situations.

Today, we talk about why we wear masks to begin with, how we know we are wearing masks, and how we can start taking those masks off.

Kim Gross

Kim Gross

Kim Gross is the founder/creator of the 5-Step Power Pathway. She helps people pleasers and perfectionists who have spent a lifetime of perpetual suffering because they have identified with these patterns. She helps guide clients on a journey of self-healing so that they can have more meaningful connections and have the courage to create the life they desire.

As a recovering codependent, she helps people to go from perfectionism and people pleasing to powerful. She spent a lifetime pleasing and perfecting and all the while losing herself in the roles that she played. It is her passion and desire to help others to create real and meaningful relationships and create the inner power to "Dare Greatly" as they create the life they desire.

Kim is the host of the popular podcast “Masks Off” and is a champion for helping people find out exactly who they are behind the masks they wear. She helps people awaken themselves by guiding them to undo patterns, stop living for others, shift their mindset and start healing.

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