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April 7, 2023
Kitt O'Malley

Some listeners may be triggered by this content and listener discretion is advised.

In today’s episode, we share an incredible woman’s mental health journey and story of navigating life with depression and bipolar disorder.

Navigating mental health isn’t always easy. Some people spend years finding answers to what they are experiencing. Once an answer is found, treatment might not be forthcoming right away due to a variety of circumstances. Throughout this time, service users struggle and try to navigate this difficult situation on their own.

I am honored to have interviewed Kitt O’Malley, who shared her story of struggling with mental distress and how she has managed to balance living with bipolar with her passions and purpose.

Kitt O'Malley

Kitt OMalley

Kitt O'Malley is an author, mental health advocate, public speaker, and former psychotherapist who lives with bipolar disorder.

She has experienced depression so deep that it was a living hell and mania so severe that she was psychotic. There is help. Psychotherapy, medication, and coping skills have enabled her to live a fulfilling life.

Acceptance has been key to her mental health recovery. Acceptance is essentially a spiritual experience. To accept yourself is to love yourself. There is hope.

In Kitt's memoir, Balancing Act - Writing Through A Bipolar Life, she shares how she balanced living with bipolar disorder with her work as a mental health advocate and caretaker of her son and parents. Her book offers hope to those living with mental health conditions and their loved ones and tells how her mental health journey has given her purpose.

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The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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