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April 25, 2023
Gido Schimanski

Self-sabotage is a common behavior pattern that can be difficult to recognize and overcome. It refers to the ways in which we get in our own way, hindering our progress and preventing us from reaching our goals. Self-sabotage can take many forms, including procrastination, negative self-talk, and self-destructive behaviors.

Today, we'll be exploring self-sabotage and how it can impact our lives. By understanding the different ways in which we may engage in self-sabotage, we can begin to challenge the beliefs that underlie them and replace them with more positive and supportive thoughts. Learn more about self-sabotage and how you can overcome it to achieve success in this episode.

Gido Schimanski

Gido Schimanski

Gido is an international teacher and coach best known for his transformational programs with high achievers who are often in the public eye. Following a fortunate career on stage and screen (from playing in James Bond SPECTRE to My Fair Lady) he now works with clients such as CEOs, professional footballers, musical theater stars and the occasional pop-star. He helps them under all that pressure - not only to perform better, but also to be able to enjoy themselves and their success.

He is the creator of the Successful Auditions Program for Creative High Achievers, the CD Angels of Forgiveness and the online programs 6 Week Masters and The Power of Forgiveness.

He recently launched Flowclub - a community to help you reach and stay in the highest vibration that is possible for right now.

Gido has worked with The Royal Academy of Music London, The Voice College, as well as Fusion5 Performance in Germany, was co-founder of The Network for Transformational Leaders and a founding member of The Change Makers.

He has specialized in the high-achieving mindset and the techniques at the core of his work very often leave his clients with instant shifts in their lives.

Gido's Resources

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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