January 13, 2023
Patrece James

Sometimes we don’t even notice that who we used to be has slowly faded away. We have lost pieces of ourselves along the way and given in to compromises and demands of daily life.

This Slow Fade is so gradual that we can fade over years and not truly notice what is happening. Until we reach a point where we no longer recognize ourselves and the question is, what happened to me?

Once we become aware of the Slow Fade, we can actively work against it. We can preserve our spark or inner light and pursue our purpose and passion. Or, we can work to re-discover our essence, to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

Patrece James

Patrece James

Patrece James loves helping women on the edge of change create faster, simpler and lasting transformation with confidence.

We all have a past, which we can let define us by holding us back or propel us to make a difference and thrive. Patrece choses to make a difference with her life and thrive. She is a lifelong visionary, highly ambitious and committed woman with an intense passion for massive success. She loves to win and help and see others create and cultivate the life they want.

Patrece is a mom to two amazing children, an incredible wife, an alignment coach and business mentor. She understands the desire to become more and the gaps of the inner and outer struggles women experience in life and business every day.

Patrece believes your personal transformation is the most important gift you can give yourself, your family and your business. As you transform your life, you are laying the foundation that will have lasting results on every area of your life and business.

Patrece’s journey of Becoming HER started with a decision to not be a teen mom that struggled for the rest of her life to make ends meet. She joined the Navy at 18, became a war time veteran four years later, and is still proud of that decision she made. Fast forward a few years, she completed a Master’s Degree in Business and is now on a mission to live and leave a legacy for others to pave their own path to greatness.

Patrece is the founder of the Journaling Starter Kit and the Ambitious Women Academy to coach and mentor clients to transform their lives, their relationships and their business. She also hosts the Ambitious Women By Design podcast.

Patrece's Resources

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https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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