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November 25, 2022
Vicky Hardy

Trauma not only manifests itself mentally and emotionally, but it can also affect us physically. Chronic pain and mobility issues can stem from trauma and create discomfort and disease in the body.

As a survivor of trauma, Vicky Hardy, incorporates yoga and myofascial release into her own healing practice and into her work with clients and yoga students. Her unique approach to nourishing the nervous system and creating a sense of safety can support mental and physical healing.

In this episode, we explore the connection between yoga and holistic healing, and how trauma-informed yoga can be a bridge back to wellbeing and finding joy in life.

Vicky Hardy

Vicky Hardy

Vicky is a wellness practitioner with a background in applied science. She is an experienced registered yoga teacher and teacher trainer, specializing in myofascial release (self-massage) and the practical application of movement and mindfulness. Vicky works with you to create a greater sense of ease in your body, physically and mentally, utilizing techniques to release tension, relieve discomfort, and improve your mobility and range of motion.

It is Vicky’s heart work to support survivors of trauma, abuse, and domestic violence. Building upon her own lived experience she offers individualized programs, developed in consultation with you, to empower resilience and meet your specific needs. With a focus on presence, safety and reconnection, Vicky provides you with tools to nourish your nervous system, rebuild your sense of self and inspire your excitement for life.

When she’s not at one of the local studios you’ll find her barefoot at the beach with Blossom, her friendly Australian Shepherd, jumping in the ocean all year around (often washing off the dirt from her veggie patch).

Vicky's Resources

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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