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December 2, 2022
Demi Fair

Struggling with major digestive issues can be painful, exhausting, and downright frustrating, when no answers become available for years and years. Since the symptoms are likely physical, it may not be obvious that the connection could actually be linked to your nervous system.

Demi Fair discovered the gut-brain connection for herself because of her lifelong health issues and she believes that re-aligning the nervous system and processing trauma could be the key in healing digestive problems.

If we consider a whole body, holistic healing approach, this definitely makes sense and could explain why so many people continue to suffer with digestive issues without finding relief. In this episode, we explore the gut-brain connection with Demi Fair.

Demi Fair

Demi Fair

After a lifelong struggle with chronic digestive issues, anxiety, and obsessive thinking, as a teenager Demi began a deep healing journey to explore everything she could to find freedom from her chronic symptoms. This brought her into studying nutrition, gut healing, and a wide variety of healing modalities. While these were extremely helpful, it wasn't until she began to work with her nervous system and body that true, lasting healing began.

From here, Trust Your Gut was born. Her approach blends the foundation of her background as a nutritional therapist with her training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. This is where holistic health, microbiome balancing, and gut healing, meets nervous system regulation and processing trauma.

Demi helps those struggling with chronic digestive and mental stress heal their gut-brain imbalances through holistic nutrition and nervous system regulation, so they can trust their body, feel empowered in their healing, and experience the true freedom they desire.

Unlike most gut-healing methods that focus solely on strict diet and supplement protocols, she uses nutrition to support the body while working to bring the nervous system into balance from unprocessed stress, trauma, and emotions, so clients can resolve their symptoms and restore resilience.

Demi's Resources

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