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October 8, 2022
Narina Riskowitz

Today is part of Mental Illness Awareness Week in the US and this is a special bonus episode.

For some of us, working with our timeline might be a strange concept. But, as becomes apparent with epigenetics, some of what happens to us could already start before our birth. Time Line Therapy® explores our timeline, to support our healing journey holistically.

Also considered “journey work”, Time Line Therapy® can gently release negative emotions surrounding events in this or previous lifetimes. The effects are usually quick and noticeable right away.

As we discuss with Narina in this episode, Time Line Therapy® can be a wonderful tool to support whole body healing and release of negative emotions, trauma, and limiting beliefs. Incorporating hypnosis as well as visualization, this is a wonderful modality to add to your healing journey.

Narina Riskowitz

Narina Riskowitz

Narina Riskowitz, a Transformational Therapist and Soul Coach, embraces energy healing and works holistically with individual clients and groups alike. She has developed her own healing modality, combining Timeline Therapy™ regression journeys with energy healing for complete results.

As a firm believer in the mind-body link, most of her work is aimed at healing and releasing emotional issues such as depression, fear and anxiety, and overcoming limiting beliefs to restore her clients’ natural health and inherent confidence. Her ground-breaking courses are now captured as complete self-help journeys in her books, “Lifting the Veils of Illusions” and “The Foundations of Mastery”.

Narina’s driving passion is to assist clients to achieve emotional and mental well-being and grow and evolve spiritually. She utilizes the latest thinking in achievement coaching and transformational therapies - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy as a natural extension to her knowledge and experience in human communications and psychology. She recognizes communication as key in creating a success mindset, positive self-talk and healthy relationships with friends, family and colleagues.

Narina is particularly interested in assisting clients to get in touch with their unique purpose in life. As part of her Life Purpose Coaching, she uses tools such as numerology and astrology, to uncover unique talents and skills, and in this way they can be inspired to live happy, meaningful and purposeful lives. Narina teaches many of her courses online including Timeline Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki.

Originally from South Africa, Narina moved to England with her husband, Calvin in 2002. She lives and works in Lancashire, Northwest England.

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