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November 3, 2023
Corey Lyon Folsom

Today is part of International Stress Awareness Week in the UK, and this is a special bonus episode.

In this episode, we explore the profound concept of "Soul Statements," a transformative guide that holds the potential to elevate our communication, deepen our connections, and facilitate healing. Through this insightful journey, we discover how "Soul Statements" can serve as a catalyst for enhanced self-expression, authentic interaction, and meaningful conversations.

At the heart of "Soul Statements" lies the power to tap into our inner wisdom and articulate our thoughts, feelings, and intentions with greater clarity and authenticity. By embracing the principles shared in this guide, we can unlock the potential to communicate more soulfully, bridging gaps in understanding and forging deeper connections with those around us. Whether we seek to heal from past misunderstandings, strengthen relationships, or simply express our true selves, "Soul Statements" offers us a roadmap to navigate these endeavors with grace and effectiveness.

Corey Lyon Folsom

Corey Folsom

Corey Lyon Folsom has been a professional tracker, wilderness guide for newly sober people and a vision quest leader. After a spiritual soul-awakening, Corey participated in the Human Awareness Institute, Source School of Tantra Yoga, Sedona School of Temple Arts, Love Coach Academy and Tony Robbins programs.

As a love and relationship coach since 2012, he assists persons from all over the world to increase the soulfulness, clarity and ease with which they experience life. He does this by utilizing body-centered awareness, accessing one’s inner wisdom, applying better communication skills and asking really good questions.

Soul Statements Book

Corey’s new book, Soul Statements: A Love Coach’s Guide to Successful Communication, is a guide for accessing inner wisdom to increase the clarity and ease with which a person shows up for life.

Corey's Resources

Discord ~ www.metamountaineers.xyz

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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