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July 7, 2023
Holly Copeland

Biofield Tuning is a cutting-edge approach to sound healing that aims to balance the body's energy systems and promote optimal health and wellbeing. In this episode, our guest shares her expertise on this fascinating modality, providing insights into the principles and techniques used in Biofield Tuning.

Through a short sound healing demonstration, today’s guest offers a glimpse into the power of Biofield Tuning and its potential for promoting greater physical, mental, and emotional balance. We explore the science behind sound healing, including the principles of resonance and entrainment, and discuss the benefits of incorporating this modality into your own self-care and wellness routine.

Holly Copeland

Holly Copeland

Holly Copeland’s passion lies in helping people discover what it means to step into the flow with life and live in joy and wellbeing while healing their physical bodies. She offers vibrational sound healing sessions and coaching to facilitate physical and emotional healing for greater vitality and wellbeing.

Her background weaves certified training in the healing modalities of reiki and biofield tuning with human potential coaching and meditation. With a deep connection to nature from her 20+ year career as a conservation scientist, she founded HeartMind Alchemy to unite ancient wisdom and modern science with three mind-body tools of meditative inquiry, breathwork and vibrational healing to empower clients on their path to human flourishing and upgrading from “ordinary mind" to awake awareness. She guides people out of the muddy waters of the thinking mind to live in flow joyfully and effortlessly from their own inner compass and stable ground of being.

Holly's Resources

Awaken Heal Breathe Podcast

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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