April 5, 2024
Leah Drew

This episode contains adult subject matter and some listeners may be triggered by this content. Listener discretion is advised.

In this episode, we dive into holistic healing, an approach that treats the mind, body, and spirit as interconnected. We share the story and insights from our guest, who has found healing through ancient practices, nature, and mindfulness, highlighting the importance of treating ourselves as whole beings.

We also explore the exciting field of epigenetics, revealing how our environments and choices can affect our gene expression. This discussion offers hope, showing that we have the power to influence our health and well-being. Join us to discover how holistic practices and epigenetic principles can lead us to a more balanced and vibrant life.

Leah Drew

Leah Drew

Leah Drew is a trauma-informed Mind|Body healing guide, speaker, and host of the Mindful Evolution Podcast. Her mission is to empower others with the awareness and tools needed to optimally support their physical, mental and emotional health and healing.

She helps people who feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused in their healing journey become confident and empowered self-healers. Her approach guides others to build awareness around personal roadblocks, reprogram limiting beliefs, and effectively regulate their nervous system so that they can heal better and feel more equipped to navigate the ups and downs of life.

Leah helps others turn their wounds into wisdom and pain into power so they can catalyze their healing and growth, enhance their relationships, step into their fullest self expression, and reclaim their quality of life.

Leah's Resources

The Mindful Evolution Podcast

Free Gift - The Awareness Seeker Workshop

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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