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March 17, 2023
Dr. Caroline Iscovitz

Many people are deeply concerned with creating a work-life balance. Unfortunately, such a balance may not be realistic for most of us. We are often obliged to stay in the rat race because bills need to be paid and we need to keep a roof over our heads. There is not really a choice of striking a balance and just working less or taking time off.

In this episode, we explore the idea of a work-life integration, which may be more feasible and much more realistic for most people. Where it may not be possible to quit work and just focus on our wellbeing, Dr. Caroline Iscovitz can help create a better balance that integrates work and life in a way that works for her clients.

Each person is unique and our life situations are unique as well. Finding a solution that provides the income we need and the time to focus on our wellbeing is challenging. This episode dives into this dilemma and how you can approach this work-life conundrum.

Dr. Caroline Iscovitz

Dr. Caroline Iscovitz

Dr. Caroline has her doctorate in psychology, where she specialized in marriage and family therapy. She transitioned from the mental health field after practicing for years into coaching over 5 years ago, where she is now a female entrepreneur coach, speaker, author, wellness consultant, YouTube creator, and co-owner of a solar energy company.

Dr. Caroline has been empowering women for the last 12 years and her overall mission is to guide women entrepreneurs to put themselves at the top of the priority list as they handle the psychological process of building their businesses through her 4 core pillars; work life integration, self love, boundaries, and emotional balance within their relationships. These pillars created her 6-week, cultivating clarity coaching program, where she takes each of her clients through to reduce the cycle of burnout and create more harmony in their lives.

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