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November 9, 2022
Louise Cartwright

Today is part of International Stress Awareness Week and this is a special bonus episode.

Mostly, coaching is known to support entrepreneurs or athletes achieve their goals. Coaching means optimizing, pushing through, and breaking any limiting beliefs that may exist, so clients can go further, earn more money, or perform better.

And, coaching is also a great tool for holistic healing. In this episode, coach Louise Cartwright, explains how coaching is part of how she supports her clients in their holistic healing journey.

Coaching can bring many positive mental and physical changes and can really affect every area of your life. It may also open up new perspectives and possibilities in life as old wounds are healed and limiting beliefs are broken down.

Louise Cartwright

Louise Cartwright

Louise is a lover of working out, food, single malt whisky, new experiences and being her own boss.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

She has suffered with severe post natal depression; had 2 decades of eating disorders and body hating; been a divorced, single parent on benefits, and financially blacklisted.

She is so grateful for every single experience because it gives her a personal canvas from which to help her clients achieve anything and everything they desire.

Louise coaches parents to achieve their goals so that they can be a powerful role model for their children. She believes that the most powerful thing a parent can do for their children, is to live their life fully, so that they can teach their children to live in possibility and not programming.

Having recognized the effect of her limited living on her children, she decided to make a change. She chose to become a single parent and went from being overweight, depressed, claiming benefits and in large amounts of debt, to a triathlete and business owner and in a very happy and equal marriage.

Being a role model is Louise’s most important job as a parent and she is blessed that her young adult children are open to coaching so they can implement the same systems she used to create change in her own life.

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