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October 28, 2022
Kathryn Chapman

A picture is worth a thousand words. And if you have seen Kathryn’s stunning photographs online, you will begin to understand that saying.

Maybe the connection between photography and mental health is not immediately apparent, but after learning about Kathryn’s own mental health journey and how she helped herself heal through photography, the amazing potential of this approach becomes clear.

In reflecting on your own image and having to confront what you see, profound healing can begin.

Kathryn Chapman

Kathryn Chapman

Kathryn is a portrait and self-portrait photographer and speaker, based near London in the UK. She is fascinated in how we perceive ourselves and is a passionate felt-sense advocate, exploring the powerful potential to notice ourselves better through art.

Kathryn developed her unique and innovative work (Face to Face®, Freedom Shoots, Soul-Centred Branding and the Felt Photographic gallery) following a self-portrait shoot in 2018 where she healed herself from life-long depression. She now helps others to see themselves better through her innovative and immersive photographic processes, offering a gentle and compassionate perspective on what it means to be human - vulnerable, courageous, creative, perfectly imperfect, astonishingly brave and incredibly beautiful.

Kathryn’s work has been recognized by some of the industry’s finest, including a live interview by Rankin and being selected to be in his recent Unseen exhibition in London. She is a regular speaker at the Birmingham NEC’s Photography Show, is a proud member of the Uninvisibility movement and was one of 100 UK photographers to be chosen for the 2020 Vision Project.

During lockdown Kathryn discovered her love for macro photography, using it as wellbeing tool to help cope with the isolation. On the back of this, she launched What Now? a photographic response to the pandemic and an opportunity to use photography to help remind us what's important - a book is coming soon!

Kathryn’s work demonstrates how portraiture can unlock emotions and offer incredible insight into who we are, what we need and what might change as a result. It helps us bear witness to ourselves which in turn, invites self-acceptance and love. To be safely seen, heard and validated by others is vital - to do the same for ourselves is critical to be able to realize our potential. This is the premise of Kathryn’s work, helping reveal and reflect all the amazing things we are that we can't see for ourselves.

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