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May 14, 2024
Dr. Sabina Brennan

This episode is part of a special series for Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.

In this episode, we tackle the often-misunderstood topic of brain fog, especially relevant during Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. We unpack the science behind brain fog, exploring its causes, effects, and its connection to our overall mental health.

Our expert guest breaks down complex concepts into understandable terms, offering practical advice for anyone looking to clear the haze and improve their mental clarity. We discuss strategies for managing brain fog, from lifestyle adjustments to mindfulness practices, emphasizing the importance of addressing our mental health needs. Join us as we shed light on this common but often overlooked issue, providing guidance and support for enhancing our mental wellbeing.

Dr. Sabina Brennan

Dr. Sabina Brennan

Sabina Brennan is a chartered health psychologist (C.Psychol.,PsSI.), neuroscientist (PhD) and host of the Super Brain podcast. Her books Beating Brain Fog (Orion Spring: 2021) and 100 Days to a Younger Brain (Orion Spring: 2019) are both Irish Times No.1 bestsellers. Her new book The Neuroscience of Manifesting will be published June 6th 2024.

Sabina’s mission to get everyone looking after their brain health as routinely as they brush their teeth has won her awards in recognition of the societal impact of her work and for her contribution to STEM communication including Science Foundation Ireland’s inaugural award for Outstanding Contribution to Science Communication and the Provost’s Award (TCD) in recognition of her contribution to innovation for Societal Impact.

Her Super Brain podcast frequently makes the top ten in podcast charts and has been featured by Apple as a New and Noteworthy podcast.

Dr. Brennan is a passionate advocate for brain health and a voice for the needs of individuals with neurological conditions. She represents Ireland on the Scientific and Medical Advisory Panel for Alzheimer’s Disease International and volunteers on several committees and advisory boards. She has advised the Irish Government & the All Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity in the UK on brain health, dementia risk reduction and healthy aging.

Dr. Sabina's Resources

Super Brain Podcast

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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