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December 29, 2023
Dr. Catherine Darley

In today’s episode, we explore the crucial link between mental health and a sleep-healthy lifestyle. Our guest, a seasoned expert in this field, unravels the profound impact of sleep on our psychological wellbeing and shares valuable insights on how to nurture better mental health through conscious sleep practices. We embark on a journey of understanding the intricate relationship between quality sleep and emotional resilience.

We delve into practical strategies, tips, and the latest scientific findings that shed light on the transformative potential of prioritizing sleep. Our guest's wealth of knowledge provides a roadmap for anyone seeking improved mental health, offering guidance on creating a sleep-conscious lifestyle and offering a deeper understanding of the profound effects of restorative sleep on our emotional balance and overall quality of life.

Dr. Catherine Darley

Dr. Catherine Darley

Dr. Catherine Darley is the leader in natural sleep medicine. She combines her knowledge of sleep and circadian disorders with her training as a naturopathic physician to bridge these two fields. She’s treated patients for over 20 years, along with training healthcare providers in sleep medicine. Dr. Darley now focuses on teaching people the sleep skills they need to thrive at home, at work, and have a high quality life.

Dr. Catherine's Resources

The Jōrni Resources

https://thejorniblog.com for more holistic healing and mental health resources

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