Thank you so much for being a guest on the Jōrni podcast. We truly appreciate your wisdom and the work you do. So, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to support this podcast.

Before the Interview

There are a few things to take care of before your recording date, so we have all the information for post-production. For any questions, please send us an email.


  • Complete the Guest Information Form below.
  • If you do not have a link to your headshot for the form, please email your headshot to us.
  • Please have a look through the rest of this page, to answer any questions you might have and to check the tech requirements for the recording.
  • Sign the Podcast Guest Release Form (will be emailed to you with PandaDoc). You can sign it online. No need to scan and email us the completed form, we will receive a copy.

The podcast is recorded in audio format, which is recorded on a platform called Zencastr. It is very similar to Zoom, but for podcast recording. If you are unable to access Zencastr at the time of your recording, we can use Zoom as a backup for the interview.

Please check your Internet speed and microphone setup before the recording date. You can access the Zencastr link at any time to test your equipment. It does not automatically record you. Especially Mac products have very strict security settings and you may need to authorize your microphone before the session. For troubleshooting tips, please see below in the Zencastr troubleshooting section.

Please note that Zencastr needs to be accessed from a laptop or a desktop. It will not work on a mobile phone. It is also best to use headphones, so the host's voice doesn't get recorded as it is coming out of your speakers.

You can check your Internet speed at this link https://speed.cloudflare.com/

Your Internet download speed has to stay above 12 Mbps consistently, to be able to do the recording.

During the Interview

There is no specific time limit on the interview time slot, but we would like to wrap everything up within one hour. The interview itself is usually 20-25 minutes. 

  • Please feel free to share as much or as little of your own personal story as you feel comfortable. Just keep in mind the timeline of the interview and leave some time to discuss your work and technique(s).
  • Try to keep the tone of the interview positive. Personal stories are emotionally charged and we would like to leave our listeners on a positive note with the hope of finding something that will help them.
  • The podcast is directed to women and holistic healing for sadness, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. Please relate the technique you practice in some way to that topic, so the listeners can follow the theme of the podcast easily. 
  • Have lots of fun! The interview is not released live and we have time to edit. Have a great time, don't worry about doing everything right or perfect and let yourself shine! 

After the Interview

After the interview is finished, please keep your browser open and stay on the Zencastr page. The audio files will be uploaded and Zencastr will tell you when this process is completed. You can then close your browser. If you close your browser right away, none of the audio files will be uploaded.

When will my episode air?

We record episodes on average 5-6 months in advance. This is to ensure the continued flow of the episodes. If you have a special promotion or a launch date coming up, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate the date for you. Please keep in mind that your episode will air some months down the road, especially if you talk about certain dates, deadlines, or launch dates during the interview.

You will receive an email about 1 week before your episode air date with a private preview link and graphics, so you can promote your episode.


There is absolutely no obligation, but if you feel aligned to share or promote your episode, it would be amazing. Feel free to ask for anything else you would like that has not already been sent with your preview.

We can also tag you on Facebook and mention you on Instagram when we promote your episode. You just need to "like" the Jōrni page on Facebook, so we can tag you and "follow" The Jōrni on Instagram, so we can mention you.

Zencastr Guest Information

Source: https://support.zencastr.com/

You have been invited to record the Jōrni podcast using Zencastr, an online podcast recording service. Here are some pointers that will help you get prepared ahead of time and make the recording process as smooth as possible.

System Requirements

Operating System

MAC OS 10.14 or higher

Windows 10

Computer Specs

10GB+ of free hard drive space

8GB+ of RAM

Web Browser

Up-to-date version of Brave


Up-to-date version of Google Chrome


Up-to-date version of Microsoft Edge

Open Zencastr in a regular window or tab, not in incognito mode or private mode

Internet Connection

At least 5 Mbps, preferably 10 Mbps+


Headphones - Headphones are necessary when recording with Zencastr to ensure that each voice is isolated in the final recording.

Microphone - A separate microphone is preferred but earbud/mic combos work as well. In order to prevent audio leakage to the mic, please keep your earphone volume turned down to a low but comfortable setting.



Simply open the link provided to you by the host on a laptop or desktop computer that meets the above requirements.

Granting Microphone Access

You will be prompted to allow access to your microphone. Click to allow microphone access and then your host will be able to start recording.

Zencastr Troubleshooting